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Procedure for attestation of business documents 


Steps in getting the documents attested by the Embassy:

1.     Business documents that need to be attested must first be submitted to the respective sub-council of CCPIT (China Council for Promotion of International Trade, ).

2.     After verification by CCPIT, the documents are submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PRC (MFA, for certification.

3.     These documents, once certified by MFA, are sent to the Embassy either by MFA or by the company/individual concerned (only in case of urgency).  The Embassy takes 7 working days to attest the documents and after attestation, the attested documents are delivered to MFA or directly to the company/individual.

Note: Documents submitted to the Embassy for attestation will be given only a "Seen in the Embassy" stamp.
Types of documents and requirements:

I.  General Power of Attorney


• Document to be attested - original and one photo copy

• Passport - Current and one photo copy+

• Fees: RMB 170.00

II. Trade/Import-Export Documents


• Original document plus one photo copy


• For documents pertaining to exports from China to India (Form 9): RMB  420.00 
• For documents pertaining to imports from India to China: RMB 170.00