Indian Community In China
Indian Community in Beijing (ICB)
The Indian Community in Beijing (ICB) came into existence on December 12, 1999. It has a core committee, which meets on a regular  basis to decide on activities for the Indian community living in Beijing. The basic purpose is to:

Provide a platform for people of Indian origin to get together on a regular basis through outings and other means.

Provide assistance in terms of advice or help to anyone visiting Beijing or coming here to work.

Weekly e-mails providing useful information on various subjects

Act as a conduit between the Indian Embassy and the community as and when required.

Try to make people at home away from home.

For information on the Indian community in China,
the following individuals may be contacted in Beijing and Tianjin -


Mr. A.S.Sankara Narayanan
President of ICB


Shri Harpreet Singh Puri