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Transit Visa


Is granted for the sole purpose of enabling the holder to travel through India to reach his/her ultimate destination. If the holder intends to perform some work or business in India, irrespective of the duration of his/her proposed stay, he /she should obtain a visa of appropriate category.


Is valid only for direct transit, which is not more than 3 days for each visit. For a stay in India beyond 3 days, a visa of the appropriate category should be obtained.


Is ordinarily valid for a single journey and for entry within 15 days from the date of issue.


If the journey is not performed within the period of validity of the visa, a fresh transit visa would be required.


Transit Visa is not required in the following cases (for PRC nationals):


·           If he/she is in direct transit by air and traveling through India by the same flight

·           If he/she makes a halt at an Indian airport to catch a connecting flight but does not remain at the airport for a period exceeding 24 hours (In case the person desires to visit the town during this period, he/she may be allowed to do so on a landing permit)

·           If the person desires to make a stopover in India for a period exceeding 24 hours, he/she will need a regular transit or entry visa


Documents Required:


·       Copy of air-ticket booking from India to place of final destination or evidence of joining a sea vessel from the Indian port to port of final destination (in the form of letter from the shipping company)

·           Other documents as specified in the Checklist


NoteThe validity of Transit Visa is 15 days from the date of issue and the stay in India should not exceed a total of three days.




All visa applications submitted at the Indian Visa Application Centre [i.e. by the ordinary passport holders] and at the Embassy [i.e. by Diplomatic, Official and Public Affairs Passport holders] are only accepted in the online form. Online application form can be accessed at the following link:


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Note: It is a mandatory requirement to ensure that applicant’s photo is 2 inch x 2 inch (51 mm x 51 mm) in size with white background. Photos which do not meet this specification will not be accepted. The Indian Visa Application Centre also have a photo booth facility (on payment basis) meeting these standards for applicants choosing to submit their application in person.




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