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Important Advisory on e-Tourist Visa


E-Tourist Visa(e-TV) to Chinese citizensis available w.e.f. 30.07.2015. The Embassy has come across many instances when the e-TV application contains discrepancies, which render the application to be rejected. In order to avoid the inconvenience, all e-TV applicants are requested to take note of the following stipulations and abide by these stipulations strictly:

1. Purpose: e-TV is valid only for the purpose of recreation,sightseeing, meeting relatives/friends, casual business visits and medicaltreatment of short duration. The purpose under e-TV does not cover regular business visits, attending conference/symposium/seminar, education,research, journalism, production of film/documentary, Employment/Project related work,Sports, Cultural performance etc., for which appropriate category of visa is to be applied for.  The e-TV application for inadmissible purpose of visit shall be rejected.

2. Correct and Complete Information: Thee-TV applicants are required to furnish correct and complete information in the application form. The application form with incorrect, incomplete and misleading information shall be rejected.

3. Places of visit: e-TV is not valid for visiting Protected/Restricted and Cantonment areas.

4. Visa Fee : once submitted for eT-V is non-refundable.

5. Validity : e-TV is valid for one month is allowed for a maximum of two visits  in a calendar year. E-TV is also non-extendable and non-convertible.

6. Type of Passport : E-TV is allowed only on Ordinary Passports and NOT on Public Affairs,Service and Diplomatic Passports.

7. E-Tourist Visa applicants are advised to be aware of the unscrupulous agents as eTV has not been outsourced  to any agency. All eTV applications are to be filled in with the link

8. Any assistance/information relating to e-TV can be sought from the telephone number: 0091-11-24300666 24x7 and email ID: